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VideoGaga raises €100,000 of seed investment with Think Bigger Capital to enter the world of content

The startup aims to empower content creators and businesses through video marketing education and skills training

VideoGaga founders Carlo Velasco and Gustavo Frediani

In a vote of confidence towards the future of content creation and video marketing, VideoGaga, led by founders Carlo Velasco and Gustavo Frediani, have reached an agreement with Think Bigger Capital, one of Southern Europe’s leading technology and innovation venture capital (VC) firms, and led by the management of Demium. This newly-formed partnership will see the VC firm invest 100,000€ of seed capital to further improve the e-learning platform’s technology and services. The startup was conceived through Demium’s incubator program, where the founders met and received mentorship from ideation to their first round of investment.

With the exponential growth of video content, being 82% of Internet traffic, there’s a massive opportunity to build a career on video platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. Thus, the demand for content creators has grown 49% year on year. As 75% of young people want to be professional vloggers, there’s also a natural need for skills training in the growth and monetization of their social media channels. And with a projected 46% growth in e-learning from 2022 to 2025, VideoGaga has identified a missing gap: there’s a need to standardize and professionalize the education and training of content creators.

“Unfortunately, online courses today are quite generic and don’t provide a clear success path, which doesn’t address the needs of millions of creators including 97% of YouTubers who want to earn a decent income from their channels. So, to develop programs that will truly help creators and marketing professionals achieve success, VideoGaga, the e-learning platform dedicated to content creation and video marketing, uses a standardized learning path that includes career development and strategic content curation,” said Carlo Velasco, CEO and CMO of VideoGaga.

VideoGaga students will receive high-quality courses created by renowned influencers and social media experts. And these courses are tailored for any type of content creator, from lifestyle and fashion to entertainment and more. In the future, VideoGaga graduates may also obtain career opportunities through the platform's services marketplace, where they can offer their professional services to brands, agencies, and other companies.

Currently in beta version, VideoGaga's first YouTube Start course is available on the platform, teaching beginners and small YouTubers how to develop their personal brand and build their career as a professional YouTuber. This is just the first in a series of YouTube courses. VideoGaga also conducts live masterclasses on content creation and public speaking and has also partnered with the marketing collective Nomads Global Studios to help bring together a diversity of industry experts.

With the capital investment of Think Bigger Capital, VideoGaga takes an important step, thus closing their pre-seed round and focusing on a promising future, in which they will launch partnerships with top influencers in the sector and give diversity to their YouTube, TikTok and Twitch learning programs in 2022.

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