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#BeANomad: A new YouTube series by Nomads Global Studios

Nomads Global Studios, the global marketing collective, has launched its new video series, #BeANomad, to celebrate stories of multiculturalism and diversity on its YouTube channel The Nomads. The bilingual series is presented in both English and Spanish.

The series starts with their first video installment, "Being Filipino in Madrid" to celebrate the city's diversity and what the Filipino community brings to Spain's multicultural society. Watch the video below.

"Here's a tribute to Filipinos living in Madrid, a home away from home. Why are Filipinos (aka Pinoys) not strangers to life in the Spanish capital? If you're a foreigner living abroad, what do you love about your adopted city? We'd love to hear the stories and sentiments from people living abroad and we've just started this conversation with Filipinos in the most colorful city of Madrid," Nomads Global Studios CEO Carlo Velasco said.

You can also watch the Spanish version below.

In the second installment, the team introduces Filipino cuisine to Madrid residents as Spanish speakers try Filipino food like crispy pata (pork knuckle), sinangag (garlic friend rice) and lechon kawali (crispy pork belly) for the first time. More importantly, they each share their insights on the cultural connections between Filipinos, Latinos and Spaniards.

"The world is indeed small. Through these dishes, Spaniards, Latinos and Filipinos learn more about their historical ties and other Madrid residents discover this blossoming subculture. We're excited to share more stories of different communities in the city," Carlo added.

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