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YouTube & Video Marketing (Free Version)

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How do I grow my social media channel through videos? Learn from Topes de Gama, one of Europe's and Latin America's leading creators. Important: The original audio of this module is in Spanish but with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. This free version only includes the first module of the course. There are many theories and many courses on how to grow on YouTube and social networks, but… What if a creator who already has a billion views and 7 million followers teaches you, step by step, what they did to succeed? In the YouTube Professional and Video Marketing course, you will learn everything about how to grow your channel from one of the world's leading references on the subject: TOPES DE GAMA, one of the top creators in Europe and Latin America. Learn the secrets that allowed them to become Forbes Best Influencer and to grow exponentially in all their social networks. Who is Topes de Gama? Here's a summary of their accomplishments: -More than 11 years of creating content -More than 1 billion views on social media -More than 5 active channels -More than 7 million followers -Forbes Best Influencer 2021-2023 Anyone is capable of starting a channel, but only 10% succeed or make a living online. We offer you this opportunity to train and discover the foundations of your success on YouTube and other social media networks. In this module, you will learn the following topics about social media and video marketing: -Differentiation and personal brand -Learn to generate content in an agile way -Identify trends -Optimal measurement of results -Key tools -Growth strategies -Positioning yourself in your sector -The success story of Topes de Gama -A TASK for you: Create an Onirogram or Content Plan Are you ready to grow on social media and create content like a PRO? Sign up now for free!

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