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Digital Life: Digital Tools at Work

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


IMPORTANT: This course is conducted mainly in English with minor conversations in Filipino (which was translated by the instructor). This course is composed of the recording of our masterclass and the steps to generate your Certificate of Completion. Learn the basics of using digital tools and digital marketing with the help of this workshop presented by VideoGaga. Are you... -Full of questions about using the internet and social media? -Looking for different ways to grow your business? -Interested in digital marketing and want to excel in social media? -In need of proficiency or improvement in using digital tools for your job or business? Through this course, you will: -Learn about important apps and websites that can help you -Learn how to set up online accounts and how to use them -Discover the benefits of being a so-called "Digital Immigrant" -Find out the dos and don'ts of online behavior Follow and complete the next steps to download your Certificate of Completion for this course.

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