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Digital Marketing 101: Start Your Online Business

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Obtén un certificado al completar el programa.


Are you planning to start your own online business but don't know how to market it? We've got you covered! Learn the basics of digital marketing and how to do it in a strategic, practical and effective way with this course created by the digital marketing experts behind VideoGaga (the e-learning & marketing agency) and Nomads Global Studios (the global marketing collective). We will teach you how to develop your own digital marketing strategy and maximize social media and digital content to your advantage. Apart from your recorded modules in the course, you will also receive invitations to masterclasses that will complement your learning journey. Module 1: All about my business -What is my Product or Service? -What are my Objectives? -What is Market Research? -Who is my Target Market -Module 1 Task and more Module 2: How do I start digital marketing? -What is e-commerce? -How will Social Media help my business? -What is Video Marketing? -Module 2 Task Module 3: Content Writing for Your Business -The essentials of copywriting for your brand or business -How to get your brand heard and how to write the right content At the end this course, you will receive a VideoGaga certificate when you complete all tasks and the final project, proving your accomplishment of this course. Duration: 4 weeks. Approximately 2 hours per week.

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